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MOVE! is a simple method of athletic goal achievement for every woman. Designed for non-exercisers to Olympians, MOVE! helps women achieve athletic goals they never imagined possible. Use MOVE! and you can do it too!

Overcome your doubts, balance your hectic schedule and life commitments and gain more control and freedom in your life. MOVE! will help you live longer and stronger and inspire you to find your own passions.

Achievement and balance are goals for many women. MOVE! helps you achieve athletic goals first, and professional and personal goals as well.

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“MOVE! captures the needs and desires of all women who want to improve, make changes, and succeed. Cathy has supplied the secret on how to do it. Amazing!” – Alison Foley, Head Women’s Soccer Coach, Boston College


“I have been using the MOVE method for over 15 years. I began as a recreational runner, and through MOVE! have become a national-level runner, running and placing in distances ranging from one mile to half-marathons. I used MOVE! to shift and re-define my business so that I was able to work less while earning more, with much less stress. (Really!) Most recently I re-vitalized my long-dormant singing career. I’ve been taking singing lessons, and performing in ensembles at local jazz clubs and am working on forming my own band. MOVE! works! ” Leni Webber (labwebber@comcast.net)


“Training and racing is a life-long pursuit that keeps me motivated, young at heart, and engaged in all the rest that I do. MOVE! inspires women of all capacities to engage in this dynamic motivation that comes from hard work, hard play, both indoors and out.” – Dr. Sarah N. Keller, Associate Professor, Dept. of Communication & Theatre, Montana State University Billings, former World Champion Duathlete.


“I have experienced first hand the benefits of MOVE! for athletics and beyond and have become a huge believer in Cathy’s goal setting and buddy systems.” – Carmel Papworth-Barnum, World Masters Athletics Track and Field Medalist, Founder www.women-running-together.com


“Cathy is an outstanding coach who understands how to motivate athletes to achieve beyond their own perceived abilities With her as a coach, I set two world records for the mile and a US record for the 3000 meters in the 70 + age group.” – Mary Harada, 4-time Masters World Record Holder, President, Liberty Athletic Club