Question # 8: Your Life’s Purpose

What is your purpose in life and how does it inform your goal setting, your activities, your routines? How does it play into your motivation?


  1. Shelly Mars
    shelly mars says:

    My purpose in life has changed as I have progressed
    through the various stages. In Junior High and High School
    my purpose was to be part of the athletic and popular group-
    the two groups, in my mind, where one of the same. This was not really
    true, but I thought it to be true! In college, I wanted to be the best
    tennis player that Cortland State ever had-I did earn that position and
    have kept it since 1984.
    Once out of college it was to find a fulfilling and successful career-
    I have had many different careers and have lived up to my expections.
    As I settled into my career, my focus switched gears to finding a balance between my career and personal and family relationships.
    My goals, activities and rountines have supported my various stages in life. They all had to be altered time to time, but they always supported whatever my current purpose was.

  2. Alison Foley says:

    I think we all hope to find an occupation that not only are we passionate about but can utilize as a method to motivate and influence others. I have been on a team as a player or a coach from 4-41 yrs of age. I believe the game of soccer has been my special tool to be a part of a group where I can work my hardest, motivate others,and teach the importance of team-work. The skills of the game can be utilized in personal relationships, the class-room, and other areas of ones life. For me to influence young women on the field and help them better equip themselves with athletic skills that can ultimately use as skills of life seems to be to my my purpose in life.

  3. Cathy Utzschneider
    Cathy Utzschneider says:

    Giving to others, enjoying a happy family and friendships, and continuing my mission to study goal setting and transitions as they relate to athletics and careers is one way I can answer that. Speaking of motivation, I wouldn’t be motivated without taking the time to figure out meaningful goals.

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